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Why Technology?

  • Technology levels the playing field
  • Technology helps small businesses and non-profits compete with the big guys

Why SmartSite Technology?

  • SmartSite Technology knows the challenges that small business and non-profits face
  • SmartSite Technology can provide the SMART technical solutions that YOU need

Why SmartSite Consulting?

  • Smartsite Technology serves as a technical guide and mentor to the small business and non-profit community
  • SmartSite Technology believes that every business and non-profit, no matter how small, deserves to have access to the benefits of technology
  • SmartSite Technology realizes that the small business person wears many hats and is not usually a technical expert
  • SmartSite Technology will work with you to develop the most cost effective solution to your business problem, and, if you desire, will teach you how to implement the technical solution so that you can replicate the process on your own in the future
  • SmartSite Technology is a learning organization, constantly searching for innovative solutions to help our customers meet their technology challenges
  • Our employees are experts who have many years of experience gathering requirements, developing databases and systems, training, publishing technical documentation, installing systems, and performing ongoing system maintenance and support.


SmartSite Technology
Areas of Expertise

Data Services

Your data tells the story of your organization. To effectively communicate with your clients, customers and funders, your data must be organized and reported so that it tells your story as effectively as possible.

SmartSite Technology has solid expertise in database design, data manipulation, reporting, and data analysis.

Tell us what information your stakeholders want and we will work with you to --

  • Design transaction systems to collect the appropriate data
  • Design data warehouse systems to store transaction data in a way that it will allow you to report on the impacts of your work over time
  • Help you analyze your data, so that you can tell a complete story to your stakeholders
  • Create reports that show the results of all of the good work you do in an easy-to-understand format

Web Services

SmartSite Technology develops custom websites for our clients. We do not use templates. Our designs are customized to satisfy the needs of the users of your website. For example, we do not subscribe to the current style of using tiny type to get more information onto a page. The type face we use on SmartSite Websites is big enough to be read by "older eyes". We provide both one-page, business card sites and complex multi-page websites. We also provide hosting and search engine optimization services.

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Electronic Publishing

Communication is a major key to success in the business and non-profit world. Organizations that effectively communicate their story are the most successful in securing support from clients and funders.

Good communication tools are critical to successfully telling your story. Electronic communication tools are extremely effective in communicating your message. They are more cost effective than printed material and they get your message to your audience much more quickly.

SmartSite Technology has extensive experience developing electronic communication tools. We work closely with our clients to craft their message. We create attractive and effective electronic communication materials and manage their distribution. We also manage the complexities of handling your email recipient list.


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