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Your data tells the story of your organization's accomplishments. To effectively communicate with your target audience your data must be organized and reported so that it tells your story as powerfully as possible.

SmartSite Technology has solid expertise in database design, data manipulation, data analysis and reporting.

SmartSite Technology does not create your databases and reports in a vacuum. We work with you to design your data solutions. SmartSite Technology uses an iterative development model. We develop your solutions one piece at a time. We give you hands-on access to each piece as it is developed. We work with you to eliminate any problems you find. The project is not finished until you are satisfied with how each piece works and how they work together.

Design and maintain transaction data systems

A transaction system is a type of information system that records an individual event. Transaction systems keep a record of a sale, the transport of a product from one location to another, a request for help from an individual or family...any discreet occurrence of some daily activity that happens in your business.

SmartSite Technology creates transaction systems to meet your needs. SmartSite Technology works with you to ensure that your transaction systems collect the right data. We make sure that you are not missing a data element that you will need to prove the impact of the work you do.


Design and maintain
data marts

Data marts collect and store data that you download from your transaction system as well as data from other sources that may have a bearing on the impact of your work. In order for you to prove that your work has impact, you must measure changes that occur over time. A data mart collects all of the data that allows you to document changes over time. It gives you the information you need to prove that your work has had a meaningful impact to the people you serve or on your business' bottom line.

SmartSite Technology works with you to ensure that your data mart collects all of the data you will need to demonstrate the impact and importance of your daily activities. We ensure that the system is easy for you to operate and meets your needs and the needs of your stakeholders.


Analyze data

SmartSite Technology personnel are experienced data analysts. We help you evaluate the data you have stored to ensure that you can tell your complete story to your target audience. We work with you to determine what your critical success factors are and to determine how the data you have collected can be used to prove that you have met your goals.

We help you to identify gaps in your data and to determine the most appropriate way to fill those gaps.


Create reports

How you present your data is often as important as what the data reveals. Once you know that you have all of the data you need, SmartSite Technology works with you to present your data in a way that tells your story clearly and concisely. We help you report the results of all of the good work you have done in an attractive, easy-to-understand format.


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